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Too Many Tomorrows.

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Charity's Theme. I'm the Bravest Individual.

Sweet Charity Spring 2016 TYP Production

Outstanding Actress in a Musical. She tries to steer him away from the subject of Ursula. After an uncertain beginning in which Fosse struggles unsuccessfully to find the cinematic equivalent to the show's spare, almost cartoonlike style, the movie briefly finds its own identity in a witty, grotesque production number called "Hey, Big Spender. Sweet Charity Broadway Musical. Christina Applegate. Outstanding Featured Actor in a Musical. Best Scenic Design.

The Rhythm of Life. Baby Dream Your Dream.

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Sweet Charity. Where Am I Going? I Love to Cry at Weddings.

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I'm a Brass Band. The elevator scene, in which Charity and Oscar have time to get to know one another, is especially clever, and the Fandango dancers announcing the scenes with boxing match-style cards is fun and fitting. A little bit of smoky atmosphere for the Fandango, I get, but offices and the outdoors? I can only assume the smoke machine was on the blink. No matter how crowded the stage gets, they interact with elegance and intelligence, the storytelling always to the fore.

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That number, along with The Rhythm of Life , also shows off the great costume work of the aforementioned Laura McAnna — the Sixties have rarely looked so swinging. As for the orchestrations, musical director Matthew Brown and friends bring the songs to gorgeous life, as well as providing the incidental score.

Anyone have a spare superlative? Tuesday 16 — Saturday 20 April Evenings: 7.

Rockville, Maryland

The original Broadway Cast recording and film adaptation are available through Amazon. Click the images for details:.

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Sweet Charity is less interesting when Duff is off stage — apart from a show-stealing, sequinned turn from Adrian Lester for The Rhythm of Life and a Wayne McGregor-choreographed Warhol dance which should be immediately be inserted into the repertoire of wedding disco classics — but the cast succeeds in twinkling around her as individuals and as a chorus. Arthur Darvill is a master of physicality, playing Oscar the nervous nerd to his fingertips, and Martin Marquez is a treat as egocentric yet kindly matinee idol Vittorio Vidal.

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Sweet Charity is on at Donmar Warehouse until 8th June. More info and tickets here.

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