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The Silk Roads
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Rather than ease the reader into the extraordinary by way of the ordinary—as Duplex does, for example, by beginning with a sleepy suburban street before proceeding to introduce robots and sorcerers and air-borne scows— The Silk Road dives right into the extraordinary from the first paragraph:. We were in the labyrinth. Afterward, no one could agree on the time. She did this tenderly but firmly, as if to suggest we could be doing it for ourselves.

What is going on here? A yoga class winding down, with everyone in shavasana , or corpse pose. Where are we? And who are we?

The New Asia and the Remaking of the World Order

A group of individuals known only by the names of our professions the Astronomer, the Archivist, the Topologist, the Cook , guided by a mysterious woman named Jee Moon. And why are we here? To escape from a flea-borne plague that is devastating humanity. But the sources of these lines are less important than what Davis makes of them—how she orchestrates them into a meaningful and quite beautiful whole.

What is China's Belt and Road Initiative?

He peeked through the front window and caught a glimpse of the postman hurrying off. The mechanics of good writing were excellent. Force was intrigued. Get A Copy. It certainly astonishes my family.

Often the same passages that leave us scratching our heads are the ones that take our breath away. Describing the spread of the plague across the globe, Davis writes:. Everyone knew it was a physical condition—they were that knowledgeable—but the extent of what they knew was compromised by exposure to a glut of information and rumor, making it difficult to predict anything. Others said the work of the planets could not be avoided but there were things it was possible to avoid.

Transmutation was easiest between bodies that had matching qualities. No one knew where the sickness came from or where it was going. No one knew which hospitals had medicine or empty beds or doctors or nurses. There were robbers abroad in the land. There were wild beasts.

As this passage indicates, it can be helpful to think of The Silk Road as a piece of music, in which meaning is produced through rhythm and repetition rather than rational exposition. The reader, holding onto his hat, has to trust that themes and variations will be revealed, even if nothing in the end is certain.

The embrace of uncertainty is central to the whole endeavor. The Silk Road is full of enigmas. This book is beautifully crafted novel full of secrets, love, friendship and family bonds with a few elements of not so nice character traits of people thrown in. Definitely one not to be missed.

Sep 05, Bookfan36 rated it really liked it. And why is he so fascinated by the old vase sitting on her hall table… My rating: Plot: 5 out of 5 stars Writing: 4 out of 5 stars Character development: 4 out of 5 stars Overall: 4. The vase passes on from one generation to another. One timeline is set in the past and explains how the vase was acquired and tells the story of the different generations who had the vase in their possession.. The other timeline is set in the present and tells the story of the current owner of the vase. The story is beautifully written, very captivating, it takes you on a journey through time and around the world from 14th century China and Venice through 17th and 18th century Holland and ends in present day England.

The characters are well depicted and their actions are described in great details which made them easy to relate to. I thought the plot based around the vase was both interesting and original. I particular liked the bits that explained the process of making a Ming vase.

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Overall this is a nicely written story with interesting characters that transports you away to another place and time. Jul 30, Pam rated it it was amazing. I did not want the story to end. It follows the path of a family as Daughters of the Silk Road: A beautiful and epic novel of family, love, and the secrets of a Ming Vase is by Debbie Rix.

Peter Frankopan The Silk Roads A New History of the World Part 01 Audiobook

It follows the path of a family as they go through their lives and grow their families and their businesses. The one thing that binds them together through all the centuries is a white vase with a blue dragon swirling around it.

Review: Song of the Silk Road by Mingmei Yip

Ironically, no one seems to worry about how much it is worth through the centuries. It is a sentimental vase that is passed down through the family along with a family tree. It finally lands in the possession of Miranda Sharp. Miranda is a divorced mother raising her daughter, Georgia on a very small salary. She manages to make ends meet; but it is difficult. However, she and Georgie get along well. Miranda had received a box of items from her Aunt Celia as her inheritance.

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Her aunt thought she would appreciate them for their sentimental value more than actual value. Thinking nothing of the items, she put them on her shelves and went on with her life. The vase was a catchall in the hall and she kept flowers in it occasionally.

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It nearly fell every time Georgie put her coat on the rack; but it never did. The novel follows both families in their own time periods until time intersects. The story is delightful and well-told. It is definitely a novel to read and cherish. Oct 05, Kym Hamer rated it liked it Shelves: kindled. The novel's common thread is a Chinese vase, first passed down by Italian explorer Niccolo dei Conti to his daughter in and a tradition that continues through the generations until it lands on Miranda's hall table where we find it in There's plenty of adventure and romance throughout each generation's story but the flitting about between them felt shallow after all what did happen to Andreas in Venice?

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'On the Silk Road to Love' is a story of a love unrealized for six years but not forsaken which had brought upon its victim, a PHD Physician specialized in. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for On the Silk Road to Love: A Fiction Book of Facts at rinakelanna.ga Read honest and unbiased product.

Good but not great. Dec 04, Judie rated it it was ok.

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Had to read this for book group. Very disappointing as it had so many stars on Goodreads. Almost tempted to rate it one star just to make a point! Jun 29, Niki rated it liked it. I think it could have been really good!

Lands of Lost Borders: Out of Bounds on the Silk Road

I enjoyed both the historical piece of the book as well as the moderns day storyline I often felt like I was picking up a a different book everything the timeline switched. Jul 12, Anne rated it it was ok. When I first started reading this book I was really quote enjoying it, but then it started to really get bogged down in the history of the vase. Way too much and I skipped over big chunks to get back to the present day story without missing anything or losing the thread. Jan 02, Mary Carver rated it it was amazing. The research into the history of porcelain production was fascinating and the details of the families involved here were riveting.

I love antiques and history as well as reading so this book combined All.